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Learn more about different types of pallet Pushback Rack

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Pushback Rack is a simple and convenient storage system that uses bare girders to store product pallets and place them on small shelves for easy access. There are different pallet racks on the market, so you must be careful before investing money. This storage system is used in many retail and manufacturing sites worldwide. Available space, item weight, and cost are some factors to consider when choosing the right type of racking.


Pushback rack for sale is readily available in various styles and configurations. The most common are selective pallet racks with a cross beam and an upright frame. They can be used individually or in combination with other rack systems. Here, the shelves are installed using plywood-covered wire decks or additional beams. Another great type of pallet rack system is a pushback pallet that fills the aisles throughout the storage area to create extra space. Drive-in racks are a common form of this type of rack system. Both types are popular worldwide, and people use them according to their choice.


Dynamic storage systems such as pallet flow and push back racking are becoming more popular. In these systems, the rack is tilted, and the movement of the pallets is facilitated by gravity. Pallet flow systems are exceptionally labor efficient because using forklifts must be minimized. The pallet flow and pushback racking systems provide automatic "first-in, first-out" (FIFO) product rotation and higher density storage than SPR. Such a system makes it easier for large manufacturers to manage their inventory. Pushback pallet racks are especially suitable for storing frozen foods as they provide excellent pallet access while saving valuable freezer space.


Pushback pallet rack


These storage racks are considered the most rugged device ever to manage productivity. You can store five or more pallets in 4 tiers. It is safe to install and use. Therefore, its efficiency makes it one of the best storage devices available.

When choosing a pallet rack, you need something durable and strong. Therefore, many people don't even consider buying a used pallet rack. However, you will be surprised to get a quality ranking in the second-hand market. You can also get used to Double Deep Rack in high quality and affordable price. It all depends on how smart you are as a shopper.


Different styles of pallet racks


It depends on what you store and the required warehouse pallet rack placement. In the following, we'll cover some of the more common methods and explain how they work.

Selective pallet racks look like library bookshelves. Two rows of pallets are arranged side by side. Each row of pallets can be reached by forklift via a fully rented center. This means that all palettes are always available, occupying a lot of space. To extend this, use Double Deep Pallet Racking that can hold four rows of pallets side by side. You can access two columns from both sides. A special attachment is required to access the middle pallet from the forklift.


A more common system for maximizing space is called a pushback pallet rack. These consist of multiple rows with rails for pallets running from one side to the other. The rails are set at a slight angle. The pallet is placed at the top of the fence and is "pushed back" by the next load until it reaches the end of the wall. Here another forklift can pick them up and load them onto the truck. DISTRIBUTION X is a great way to find storage racks.